About SmartCheck

Say goodbye to chaotic practices. Find all your management and organisational needs right under one dashboard. Receive real-time updates, download data, make accurate decisions all in a matter of few clicks. Switch to SmartCheck’s versatile CMMS and IOT system.

How it works ?

The SmartCheck suite houses a range of top-end features primed to collect, analyze, and present your data in consumable formats. Our highly actionable reports provide you with the precious ability to make data-driven, highly analytical decisions.

Unified Smart Dashboard

SmartCheck lets you handle all your maintenance needs through a single unified dashboard. Everything that you need is accessed right through this dashboard, and it ranges from basic checks, to mail aliases, and finally data management.

Personalization and Customization

At SmartCheck, we understand that personalization is the key for a smoother workflow. You can use API Integration, our IOT 4.0 hardware, or even opt for manual entry. Whichever mode you decide, the end result is a customized dashboard which addresses all your needs.

Higher ROIs and Undeniable Savings

SmartCheck helps you save! Our clients have shown up to 30% savings on breakdown maintenance through SmartCheck’s timely updates. With higher level organization, stronger accountability, scheduled maintenance, and fool-proof payments, SmartCheck has brought down duplicitous costs and task repetitions.

Dynamic Needs, Dynamo Dashboard

SmartCheck has created an integrated system that unifies all arms of your organization in a single dashboard. Today’s dynamic workplace has needs and functions that are inter-connected throughout your enterprise. Therefore, SmartCheck creates customized checklists that make your workflow seamless and 100% highly-functional.

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