The visitor management system (VisitorCheck Module by SmartCheck) is a wonderful solution that we are offering. Big facilities & organisations can streamline, digitise & automate their visitor management process, using state of the art world class SmartCheck technology to monitor, track, and record visitor information.

VisitorCheck Features

Visitor/ Vendor/ Interviewee entry - Adhoc or prescheduled

Visitors, vendors, interviewees, material can be pre-scheduled from the SmartCheck platform. Upon scheduling the same, an email notification is sent to the visitor along with an SMS OTP alert & digital E-Pass. On Arrival Visitors can also self-register at the gate/reception by scanning the QR and upon approvals from the host, a visitor can enter the facility.

OTP validation

Smooth flow of visitors with just OTP validation at the kiosk or reception. No more waiting’s at the visitor at the gate for check-in!

SmartCheck Digital E-Pass

Replace your old-fashioned printed pass of the visitors with the SmartCheck digital pass and save nearly Rs 6/- for each visitor.

Note: we have now introduced Digital E-Pass for Visitor Management which saves facilities approx.* as per market statistics = INR 41,600/- per month printer roll/printer maintenance savings & annually INR 4, 99,200/-(Taking per visitor pass print cost @ INR 6/- per pass). *Real Time Data by Statista.

Monthly pass

Monthly passes can be issued to interns, visitors or vendors who are visiting the facility frequently or for daily operations.

Material Check

Track all the material flow that is moving in and out of the facility. User can issue returnable/non-returnable gate pass to moving vehicles & keep a digital log for material inward, return and replace. At each step there will be an approval process from the in-charge.

Track Water Tankers

Track the water tankers that are entering into the facility. Images can be attached to record the water level in the tanker. The cost estimate per tanker can also be tracked thus helping in cross-validation with the service provider’s billing invoice.

Access card / RFID Number Issue

Access cards (RFID) can be given to the visitors which helps in tracking all the locations which the visitor has accessed.

Vehicles parking

Parking of the visitor's vehicles is made simple

Overstay alert

Mail notification will be sent to the Gate Check administrator if any visitor stays in the facility beyond the allowed permissible hours.

Ground team punch in/punch out

Ground team attendance in and out can also be punched from the GateCheck Gateman Log-in.

Pandemic declaration

Temperature & mask checks can also be monitored through this module.

Alerts & Notifications

Auto alerts go to the host & the facility team regarding the visitors check in and check out from the facility.

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