Smart Facility IOT 4.0

Times are tilting towards smart technology. That’s exactly what our Smart Facility enabled with IOT 4.0 is capable of. Let’s take a quick peek at our offerings:


Air quality

Air quality is one of the vital aspects of safe ambience for any organization.We help analyze your office air quality regularly so critical areas like washrooms can be maintained at safe standards.

Smart Washroom

Washroom experience is one big contributor to customer satisfaction at offices. Let’ get to next level of managing them – be it monitoring footfall to empty your filled bins or sanitizing adequately for countering pandemic like exigencies, our product aims at elevating your washroom experience.

Pandemic Check

Pandemic has left us all thinking.But by following simple rituals, we can make a shield against recurrence and its further spread. Our tool helps you to plan counter mechanisms at office like sanitizing as per norms, tracking mechanical and technical equipment for their safe maintenance and even tracking all preventive HK and Security modus operandi.Prevention is always better, Isn’t it?

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