Our DigiLog Check & Asset Management module helps to maintain complete intricacy & information pertaining to each equipment/asset in your facility. You can track Assets via NFC & QR Codes in the SmartCheck system. Our unique state of the art technology helps you to construct a six-layered asset/facilities/equipment hierarchy. Manage the lifecycle of your Assets.

Features of DigilogCheck

Password encrypted QR
NFC card tag feature

Facility checklists are tagged to QR’s / NFC . Highly Secure & Encrypted QR’s only open for authorized SmartCheck registered personnel (technicians/plumbers) asking for User-Id validation before viewing the data. Performing checklists is so much simpler now for the ground team members who via a quick scan can perform checklists which are scheduled for assets & likewise similarly for soft services. The facility in-charge can also view important asset related information by simply scanning its QR.

Time Locking Feature

All checklists can be time locked, to ensure timely logging of data. Combination of this feature along with geo-fencing also ensures 100% efficiency of logging data perfectly. The in-charge can also track the efficiency & performance log of their team based on timely completion of checklists.

History Card Feature

An Asset history card helps users to track the breakdown details of major assets critical to functioning of their facilities. Based on their requirements, SmartCheck Users/Technicians/In house members can add asset maintenance related actions pertaining to breakdown related data, spare parts replaced, vendor signoffs, etc.

52-week calendar capture feature

Important asset related planned and preventive maintenances through our 52-Week calendar capture feature, helps you to plan your maintenances, reduce costly asset downtimes, schedule your future maintenance calendar, and implement reactive maintenance strategies.

Review and Approvals

Checklists performed by the ground team go to the next level hierarchy for review and approval process always. Once rejected if errors, it will notify the ground team to re-perform the same.

Deactivation of Checklists

Deactivate your checklists on public holidays or as per your choice, on which you are not performing that specific checklist. This helps in proper maintenance of records.

Notifications, reports & analytics

Facility in-charge can track checklist status (cycle of approval), delayed checklists and missed checklists. He can also get relevant & important deviation/performance email notifications. Important DigiLog (MEP/HK) reports can be pulled out in MS Excel & PDF formats from the SmartCheck platform for your assets & activities. The SmartCheck platform also helps you to analyse, acquire & control important facility related operational information.

Critical Path

Security personnel can set the sequence/checklist for securing the facility, securing Personnel, Protecting Assets, Observation and Reporting, Incident Response, Communication, Damage Control & traffic Control. Here the second checklist in the defined critical sequence will open only after performing the first one, which is very important for the security critical rounds.

Real time monitoring

Real time alerts are triggered for all critically set parameters, so that equipment safety is assured paramount. The minute a deviation alert is triggered, location/asset in charge can attend the same immediately. This helps in reducing sudden breakdowns & downtime of assets ensuring smooth workflow. The checklist In-charge can reject a performed checklist, which in turn would alert the ground team to re-perform the same.

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