The best end-to-end IOT and
solution for maintenance and tracking

SmartCheck harnesses the excellence of cloud-based technology to create an end-to-end solution for all your maintenance, facility, and upkeep needs. SmartCheck provides stability, an easy-to-use interface, and task accountability that helps scale up your operational efficiency.

Why SmartCheck?

Smart Facility (IOT 4.0)

Times are tilting towards smart technology. That’s exactly what our Smart Facility enabled with IOT 4.0 is capable of.

Utilities Check

Utilities are tracked in 3 optional approaches. IOT solutions enable full featured integrated model where all are tracked in correlation to energy meters.

QR Based MEP/HK Check

Daily activities that matter at the end of the month or year are vital to our operational efficiency.

Space Check

Managing space is easier now. Be it your working desk or a conference room, our tool allows easy access and logistics.

Supply Chain Management

Our SCM modules focuses on all aspects starting from planning a request to sourcing goods and services.

Transport Check

Managing transport as a function has it own challenges. Key dependencies when organized well, contribute to overall effectiveness.


Technology is Inevitable, Let's embrace it !

Salient Features

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Most of us record data on operations as a ritual. AI/ML is here to change the way we look at data and revolutionize our style of work.

Analytics/Notifications/Tailored Graphs & Reports

Spending long hours to send reports or presentations to your management? Our gamut of features includes detailed and customizable reports,

Client Specific Tailored Solutions

Our platform has a plethora of offerings to empower your operational productivity. However, we understand that each client needs are unique.

Diversified Service Model

We at SmartCheck are confident about our efficiency. To evince that, we offer Escrow model where the client can start our services and.....

Retrofit Integration / Activation

Important enhancements come at staggered intervals. This often creates a divide and leaves some hardware out of integration.

Hybrid / Web / Mobile

Whatever the means of operation, our platform works. You can work on the app, as well as web versions seamlessly and hence work in style, wherever you are.

Universal Communication & Compatibility

Our platform and technology have one big differentiator – we talk to all. Be it SCADA, Modbus, BACnet, SNMP, OPC, MQTT,

Hierarchy / Department wise Logins

Whilst the platform has multiple features, it may always be business pertinent that multiple teams or employees with varied access need restricted access.

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