Why SmartCheck?

Smart Facility (IOT 4.0)

Times are tilting towards smart technology. That’s exactly what our Smart Facility enabled with IOT 4.0 is capable of.

Utilities Check

Utilities are tracked in 3 optional approaches. IOT solutions enable full featured integrated model where all are tracked with correlation to energy meters.

QR Based MEP/HK Check

Daily activities that matter at the end of the month or year are vital to our operational efficiency.

Inventory Management

Our SCM modules focuses on all aspects starting from planning a request to sourcing goods and services,

Gate Check

All key operations at entry are vital to organization, both from functional and auditable perspective.


Helpdesk is the heart of all administrative functions. Effective platform to manage helpdesk operations is loaded with all need-of-the-hour features:

Work Permit Management

Work permits are very essential for running operations in an organized fashion.

Mailroom or Shipment Check

Managing mailroom is all about discipline.

AI and ML

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning are in vogue for very right reasons.

Space Check

Managing space is easier now. Be it your working desk or a conference room, our tool allows easy access and logistics.

Compliances Check

Staying on top of all compliances is very essential for organizational excellence.

Green Initiative Check

We ensure certifications are in order by resorting to check listing parameters that constitute standards like ASHRAE, OHS, EHS, LEED, IGBC etc.

Transport Check

Managing transport as a function has it own challenges. Key dependencies when organized well, contribute to overall effectiveness.

Parking Check

Parking is always at premium and hence managing it efficiently helps achieve employee satisfaction.

Emergency Response Check

This module focuses on verifying all readiness to handle emergencies that require responses like evacuation, firefighting, EHS and first aid.

Document or Repository Check

Process or Operational documentation is evolving better than ever and so is the need to organize these documents.

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