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Why SmartCheck?


We digitize the entire MEP & HK activities. Keep track of daily operations from one intuitive dashboard and with customizable, auto generated reports.


Track and manage your utilities in real-time through digitization and IoT. We unlock data to give you the timely insights you need to effectively manage your utilities.


Create, assign and resolve all service requests and problems reported in the facility with our cutting edge technology. Track performance by department and client satisfaction.


Manage the flow at the gate with our Visitor Management system, Vendor Management system and more.


Parking is always at premium and hence managing it efficiently helps achieve employee satisfaction.


Track and manage daily consumables used by the HK and MEP teams across the facility.


Work permits are very essential for running operations in a secure and professional fashion.


Easily achieve, track and maintain top standards like ASHRAE, OHS, EHS, LEED, IGBC and more through our compatible platform.


Create a Smart building and unlock data and insights with the power of IoT. Manage your building and maintenance like never before.

AI and ML

Enhance your preventative maintenance with Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. Fault Detections and Diagnostics will provide real-time alerts for anomalies in building performance.


Leading space tracker allowing you to efficiently manage space. Book, manage and assign hot-desking, meeting rooms, workspaces and more.


SmartCheck tracks and stays on top of all of your facility’s compliances.


Manage and track all inward/outward traffic at your facility. Manage & Issue customizable vendor permits / passes.


Be sure management is prepared for emergencies and crises.


Process or Operational documentation is evolving better than ever and so is the need to organize these documents.


Manage your mailroom efficiently with our intuitive & interactive system.

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