About SmartCheck

Say goodbye to chaotic practices. Find all your management and organisational needs right under one dashboard
Receive real-time updates, download data, make accurate decisions all in a matter of few clicks. Switch to SmartCheck’s versatile CMMS and IOT system.

How it works ?

The SmartCheck suite houses a range of top-end features primed to collect, analyze, and present your data in consumable formats.

Assign a Task

You assign a task to your employee, which the employee is notified of in the dashboard

Task Check

Your employee performs the task, making a note of inventory and other paraphernalia that was used to execute the task.

Real-Time Reports

You receive real-time reports of the task work order, including parts and costs, down time, asset repaired, and time taken to execute the task.

Highly Consumable reports

This data can be drawn into highly consumable reports used by managers and departmental heads.

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