Inventory Check

Our Inventory Check modules focuses on all aspects starting from planning a request to sourcing goods and services, using simple purchase process tools apart from alerting mechanisms at critical junctures.

How Our Module Keeps You In Control!


eStore details all available list of goods that can be used by the customer. You can always customize this. Prices can be attributed to all items.

Low Stock Alerts

Low Stock Alerts can be configured for set thresholds, for timely replenishments.


Consumption of all items can be tracked in any pattern desired. Like we can pull a report of consumption Department Wise. Reports can be generated at regular intervals.

Hierarchy Approvals

Hierarchy Approvals aligning to organizational framework help control of expenses vs budget.

Purchase Requests

Purchase Requests can be automatically generated and routed to relevant departments before assigning to a preferred vendor.

Inward / Outward

Inward / Outward movement of all material can be logged, tracked, and reported for monthly stock checks and balances.

Stock Expiry

Stock Expiry as entered during inward process can be used to trigger alerts so items can be utilized well before their expiry dates.

Departmental Analytics

Departmental Analytics help track utilization of each department for internal processes.

Vendor Portal

Vendor Portal helps execute all indented items on time and track against their respective SLA’s

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