QR Based MEP/HK Check

Daily activities that matter at the end of the month or year are vital to our operational efficiency. Retrieving these recordings/data is cumbersome when it is paper trail. QR based check listing is not just easy, but it creates data pool which can be always tapped for real time track and alerts.

Our Unique Advantage!

QR is also equipped with below features:


To take readings, one must be close to the QR and if copied they do not work away from the tagged location, thereby eliminating risk of malpractice.

Real Time Alerting

For all set parameters, alerts can be triggered real time, so equipment safety is assured, as one can attend immediately.

AMC/Heath Card/Asset Life Cycle

Just a scan of our QR and you can track AMC and health status of equipment right from purchase of an equipment till its write off stage

Password Encrypted QR

To ensure total security, QR only works for authorized personnel.

Time Locked

All checklist can be time locked, to ensure timely logging of data. Combination of this feature alongside Geo-fencing totally ensures 100% efficiency of logging data.

Performance Log

A complete log history of all readings and performance can be generated for review and process excellence exercises.

52 Week Calendar

On scanning of QR, PPM can be managed and tracked. Especially while auditing critical equipment, this feature helps immensely.

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