Space Check

Managing space is easier now. Be it your working desk or a conference room, our tool allows easy access and logistics.

Key Features

Equally loaded for end user and administrative purposes, here are a list of key features:

Desk QR

Desk QR allows you to see whether it is assigned or not. If available, you can book it.

Conference Room

Conference Room can be booked using mobile app, wherever you are.

User Scheduler

User Scheduler allows you to book for multiple dates or multiple employees.

Admin Allocator

Admin Allocator is a moderator tool, which allows the team lead or admin to review and approve in accordance with organizational policy guidelines.

Utilization Reports

Utilization Reports help study the usage and other patterns for effective allocation and even future space demand planning.

Floor Plan & Audit

Floor Plan & Audit allows visual view of allocations for a bird’s eye view.

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